Amazing Clear Cast Gallon Kit
  • Amazing Clear Cast Gallon Kit
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  • Amazing Clear Cast 32 oz kit

Clear coating system that cures to a rigid, durable, clear plastic finish

Use for coating or finishing applications such as bar tops, taxidermy scenery, photo collages or other coating applications.

Easy to use, 1:1 mix ratio by volume system that cures overnight which allows time for air bubbles to evacuate prior to curing.

Can be colored with Alumilite dyes, alcoholic inks, or other non-water base colorants.

Complies with FDA CFR 177.2600

Volumes: 8/16/32 fl. oz., 2 gal.

2 gallons = 26 sq.ft. in a 1/8" thickness

NOTE: Epoxies in their unmixed state will naturally yellow with time and are NOT recommended over white or any background in which the material's change in color will affect the appearance of the item. It is recommended for high gloss coating over colors or surfaces whereas yellowing of epoxy will not be noticed or an issue. Yellowing of the hardener can occur in as soon as 30-60 days. Yellowing does not affect ultimate cure of product when properly measured, thoroughly mixed, and fully cured.

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    Prior to use, read all Technical Data Sheets/Instructions and Safety Data Sheets.

    Product Amazing Clear Cast
    Color Clear
    Mix Ratio 1:1 by **VOLUME**
    Working Time30-40 min
    Demold Time(100 gr Mass) 24-48 hours
    Mixed Viscosity (cps.) 2600
    Specific Gravity 1.08
    Shore Hardness (ASTM D-2240) 80 D
    Shrinkage (in./in.) .003
    Tensile Strength (ASTM D-638)(psi) 8,000
    Elongation (in./in.) 1-3%
    Temp Resistance Not recommended for temperatures exceeding 130F